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Sexy Girls Body Paint Art Painted Body Art  

Friday, August 6, 2010

sexy girls body paint art painted body. Painted sexy body of some beautiful girls are presented here. These are all just body is not the purpose. With the beautiful paint and artistic thought girls body become more beautiful. Watch and enjoy beauty girls sexy body art paintings.

sexy girls body paint art painted body. The same body art girls picture is used here just to enable you to see large view of this bodyart image. Click to view full size.

hot girls body paint art painted body bra butterfly art. Don't forget to rate, comment and subscribe on Human body art paintings. Good Luck.

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World Body painting Festival Seeboden, Carinthia, Austria  

World Body painting Festival Seeboden, Carinthia, Austria

The World Bodypainting Festival is an annual festival held in Seeboden, Carinthia, Austria during the third week of July every year. It is the biggest annual event of the body painting culture and community. Drawing over a hundred artists and models, and thousands of visitors, from all over the world every year, the festival redefines the word "art". Each artist has the opportunity to show his/her own specialities - bodies painted with many different materials and techniques, and sometimes combined with the most fantastic costumes, masks and effects.

The festival lasts a week, of which the first four days consist of special workshops and lessons, and the last three days consist of the actual festival event, which is open to the public without prior reservation. The festival event is open for both adults and children, and many families come there together. The artists compete in three categories: brush and sponge, airbrush, and special effects. At night time there is also a special UV effects contest.

As well as the body painting, the festival holds many live music events from various minor bands all over the world, and has several snack bars and cafes. It also includes a “Body Circus”, a fantasy ball within the historical walls of the castle. The medieval castle “Burg Sommeregg” will transform into a mystical fairy tale location with guests arriving in costume ranging from bodypainting, body decoration and masks, to extreme make-up and fantasy fashion.

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Seeboden Body Painting Festival 2010  

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is the Best Body Painting Festival 2010  

Flowers with colour body painting

bodypainters add finishing flourishes

A ghostly Boypainting

Feathers Bodypainting

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Body Art paint Competition Exhibition Body Paintings Festival Austria  

Recently on July 18 a very exclusive Body Art Competition Exhibition and Body Paintings Festival held in Austria, Europe. Austria always inspire the body paintings and work for the world wide publicity. It was one of the world's largest festival of Body art. Body Art Artists from 50 different countries attended this great festival. Each of the model turned an ordinary person into an artistic object. Some of the very beautiful photos of this festival is presented here.

Body Art Exhibition, butterfly girl with full of green leaves and bird in the head.

Exhibition Body Paintings two beautiful girl. Click to view their full body paintings. There are lots of varied color and stroke of brush.
Body Art Competition. Two body art model pose their painted back side.

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